My wonderful students and their supportive parents are the reason I’m in business. I’m grateful for the wonderful comments they’ve made about me and my music education programs…

“When I first started, I was so shy, but you helped me bring out my voice. I gained both an appreciation for music and new self-confidence. And I can honestly say that I have developed both as a singer and a person because of you. Your lessons were the highlight of my week and your encouragement motivated me as a student. Your lessons are one of the things I’ll miss most in college, but I’m excited to be part of the Berkley music community. Because of you, I feel prepared to take the next step in my musical journey!” – Isha S.

“My children had music lessons with “Miss Lisa” for over ten years now, in both piano and voice. Now, she is even helping my young actress daughter with her audition monologues. She is a very gifted instructor, and is willing to step out of the box to encourage students and to develop their skills. Patient, kind, and thoughtful, she is nowhere near the “scary piano teacher” stereotype. We have followed her through several locations, and are excited for the new Encinitas Music Workshop. My daughter now has hour-long private voice lessons weekly, and still learns new things on a regular basic. At the new workshop space, there is also an opportunity for a break of pace with Guitar Hero, percussion learning, piano, and other musical pursuits.” – Inna K.

“Ms. Lisa’s personal attention and expertise cannot be topped! Her encouragement and effective teaching have kept my 7 & 9 year olds happily learning and playing piano for three years. They love their teacher, and I love the progress and skills they’ve gained.” – Lara A.

“My daughter studied piano with Lisa Laughbaum since she was four. Not only did she learn how to read music amazingly, Lisa gave her a love for ALL music. My daughter, now sixteen, still plays piano, along with clarinet, bassoon, upright bass and electric bass.” – Aleta B.

“My daughter and I both love Encinitas Music Workshop! Miss Lisa is an amazing teacher who guides her students in a positive and loving way to help them learn and express their creativity!” – Danielle J.

“Our piano teacher Lisa Laughbaum is the best teacher we ever had. She helped get our daughter’s enthusiasm for the piano back! Our daughter had quit and now that she’s taking lessons with Lisa she’s learning a new song every week, she’s loving it and is advancing fast! Lisa has a studio in Encinitas on El Camino Real and Encinitas Blvd, it’s called the Music Workshop, you find it in the Kohl’s mall next to Thai Pan upstairs. – Erika H.

“Miss Lisa has taught at my school for over a year and we are thrilled to call her our music teacher. She has a long list of accomplishments (including being nominated for an Emmy) but most important to us, our children respond to her with such enthusiasm. Miss Lisa teaches the children all about music from learning the “music alphabet” to the instruments found in each family. Her activities are age appropriate and filled with musical knowledge. Music with Miss Lisa is an exciting time that we look forward to each and every class. If you are looking for a music teacher who is enthusiastic, and will nurture your child’s musical interest than I highly recommend Lisa Laughbaum.” – Felicia N.

“Lisa is dynamic and patient with my son. She is so knowledgeable but most importantly, she gets him and what he needs. He has learned so much in a short time.” – Jill B.

“Lisa Laughbaum blessed my granddaughter with the love of music. Playing piano is now her passion thanks to the wonderful loving teachings that Lisa gave her. I highly recommend Lisa in all your music lesson needs.” – Tracy B.

“My daughter attended Ms Lisa’s piano classes. My daughter enjoyed Ms Lisa especially the personal attention to teaching Ashley. Ms Lisa made learning music fun. Ashley enjoyed her classes very much” – Betty N.

“Lisa is a great music teacher!” – Audra Y.

I’ll do everything I can to make sure you’re a satisfied client, too!